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The Hartheim Documentation Service is located on the second floor of Hartheim Castle. The duty of the Documentation Service is to collect, archive and provide materials relevant to Hartheim that document the history of the castle as a Nazi euthanasia centre from 1940 to 1944, the purpose of which is to allow on-site research and studies on the topic of the Nazi euthanasia centre in Hartheim. A significant responsibility is the 'Gedenkbuch Hartheim' (Hartheim Memorial Book) Project, over the course of which we are attempting to record those murdered in Hartheim by name so that relatives can personally commemorate their family members.


'Nazi "euthanasia" and its victims on the territory of today's Czech Republic 1939-1945 – an Austrian-German-Czech research project as a contribution to dealing with a common history'

It is still not well known that murders within the scope of the Nazi euthanasia programme also extended to the territory of today's Czech Republic, which was occupied by Germany at that time. Between October 2007 and September 2008, a joint research project was undertaken by the memorials in Hartheim and Pirna-Sonnenstein as well as the Czech Academy of Sciences in order to fill the research gaps and to record the names and information of those murdered in this area. On the website below, you will find information and documents that were researched within the scope of the project and provide an insight into this long-forgotten chapter of Nazi rule. 

more information about the project can be found at http://www.schloss-hartheim.at/projekt-sudetenland-protektorat/ 

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