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Former Gas Chamber

Photo: View along the overhead crossing through the former killing rooms The victims entered the room through a low, narrow steel door. Showerheads were meant to give the impression of a room for bathing. As soon as the doors were closed behind the closely huddled people, toxic gas (carbon monoxide) was pumped into room at floor level from the adjacent room by means of a perforated pipe.
When the victims showed no more signs of life, the gas was pumped back out in order to allow for the corpses to be taken out through the door on the other side.


Former Utility Room

Mounted on the outside of the gas chamber were pipes and valves that allowed the physician on duty to pump in the gas. The steel gas cylinders stood in front of the windows. After opening the airtight connecting door, the corpses were dragged by the crematorium staff from the gas chamber through this room into the morgue.


Former Morgue

As it sometimes took days for all the victims from a transport run to be cremated, the corpses were stacked in the meantime. If the patients had previously received a special designation on their back or shoulder, their dental gold was removed here.


Former Crematorium Room

Photo: Former crematorium roomAt the south side of this room, there was a built-in cremator with two chambers. It is not exactly known what make or model they were. A large flue led through the courtyard wall to one or two chimneys.
Due to the improper cremation process, remaining bones had to be crushed using an electric grinder before the ash, slag and bone meal could be transported off.

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