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From 1940 to 1944, there were many employees from the 'Altreich' and the 'Oberdonau' region working at the castle, who were then obligated to secrecy, sometimes voluntarily, sometimes under orders or under the threat of severe punishment. In addition to administrative, office and security staff, orderlies, nurses, drivers, tradesmen and assistants were involved in the mass murder. Only a few of them were tried and convicted after 1945.
The head of the facilities Linz's Dr Rudolf Lonauer, who was also the director of the District Sanatorium and Nursing Home Niedernhart, also took part in numerous deaths there and escaped being held accountable by committing suicide in 1945. His deputy, Dr Georg Renno (†1997) disappeared in 1945.

From the spring of 1940 to August 1941, 'non-improvable' prisoners were transported, according to plan, from hospitals, care and nursing homes in the southeast region of German territory and murdered in Hartheim; the so-called Hartheim statistical figure counts 18,269 people murdered during that time.

Following the summer of 1941, prisoners from the concentration camps were also killed in the euthanasia facilities in Hartheim. Above all, prisoners from the concentration camps in Mauthausen and Dachau and the many minor camps, but also forced labourers from Eastern Europe were murdered in Hartheim until 1944.

What transpired at the castle could not be kept secret from the local community. There were individual acts of active resistance in the town, whilst passive resistance was sometimes discovered even amongst physicians and government workers.


Photo: View over the room 'Perpetrators and Victims'

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